Join me on my upcoming workshop on Trauma Healing!

Workshop Timing:

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

5.30-6.30pm GMT 

Zoom link will be emailed to you and the recording will be sent to you.
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Anu Verma - Certified Trauma Recovery Coach & Therapist, Author & Podcaster

"Unresolved emotional trauma is the root cause of the majority of our health and mental health issues as well as unwanted patterns in life"  

Anu Verma

We all witness mental trauma in one way or another. If these traumatic experiences are buried within you, it results in low self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks and guilt.  The majority of us live our lives not even realising how the trauma has impacted us until it is too late.

My mission is to help you to understand how your trauma may have impacted you. I will provide you with the knowledge and tools to assist you on your healing journey and to enable you to live the life that you dream for.

Meet YOUR Certified Complex Trauma Recovery Coach & Therapist…

I'm Anu Verma. With a BSc and an MSc Qualification in Physiology & Health, I am a Certified Complex Trauma Recovery Coach having trained with the International Complex Trauma Association and I am currently a Traumatologist in training on the Level 7 Postgraduate Psychotherapist & Counsellor Course specializing in Traumatology, PTSD & cPTSD. This is a comprehensive and systemic approach for treating complex PTSD in adults and children. Accredited by The National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) & International Council of Psychotherapists (ICP).

In the Victim 2 Victor Workshop on Healing Trauma, you'll find a practical road map on how to overcome your traumatic experiences to heal and build yourself up.

This Workshop is for you if you suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Flashbacks, nightmares
  • Low self-worth, Ill patterns
  • Dependency in relationships
  • Feeling Sad or Numb
  • Addictions or Medication Dependency
  • Denial or suppressed emotions
  • Lack of trust in self and others
  • Self-blame, guilt, shame
  • Anxiety, insomnia & panic attacks
  • Prevalent Pessimism
  • Feeling Fearful & Unsafe
  • Repetitive Bad Decision-Making

How is this workshop going to help you?

  • Understand how trauma impacts your life
  • Release your mind & body from traumatic patterns
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with triggers
  • Heal your emotional wounds & build resilience
  • Transform relationship with yourself and others
  • Feel more confident, safe, and stable
  • Create a roadmap for success in all areas of life
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Find your purpose and meaning in life
  • Start living your life to the fullest again
  • Achieve your goals and dreams
  • And much more!

YOUR Practical journey from Victim to Victor starts here!

What My Clients Say!

"I honestly cannot thank Anu for her help and guidance and would recommend using her services if you want to overcome mental health problems. I feel like a completely new woman who has the world at her fingertips and can achieve anything she puts her mind to"

 L A

Sexual Abuse SUrvivor

Anu has been fantastic, she went through the journey with me, I was able to process and understand that none of the horrific events were my fault. there were days I just cried, I was never judged or rushed. Anu went with the flow, we looked at panic attacks, personal life, food, confidence, anger, re-living trauma and how it has impacted my life.


Domestic Violence Survivor

I want to congratulate you on standing up and taking action…

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