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Thriver Package £495.00

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Thriver Package  £495

This is the ideal Therapy / Coaching package if you have a specific goal you’re ready to tackle, or a clear idea of where you want to focus but you’re not making it happen on your own. It includes extra support to keep you motivated.

Together, let’s get this sorted – once and for all.

  • 3 Therapy / Coaching sessions
  • Email support & accountability check ins
  • Summaries with helpful resources
  • Therapy / Coaching package valid for 4 months
  • Staged payments available
  • Ongoing options available

What Others Say

Anu Verma is an incredibly heart centered, motivated, kind and beautiful woman whose mission is to create impact to for those who have survived trauma and abuse. She is by far the most beautiful and caring person I have ever run across in this industry. Her podcast, her book and her services do not disappoint. I will follow Anu Verma and Victim2Victor podcast for the rest of my life. I highly recommend her!!

Amiee Boswinkle

We had an amazingly heart to heart talk about life when riddled with trauma. Super easy to talk to. She's so very understanding. 💜

Jewels Applegate

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