Life-Changing Trauma Therapy
& Post-Traumatic Coaching

Victor of Trauma, Certified Complex Trauma Recovery Coach & Therapist
Helping You Overcome Emotional Pain & Trauma To Live a More Fulfilling & Healthy Life.

Anu Verma

Have you experienced childhood trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandonment, neglect, and toxic relationships?

Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Flashbacks, nightmares
  • Low self-worth, Ill patterns
  • Dependency in relationships
  • Feeling Sad or Numb
  • Addictions or Medication Dependency
  • Denial or suppressed emotions
  • Lack of trust in self and others
  • Self-blame, guilt, shame
  • Anxiety, insomnia & panic attacks
  • Prevalent Pessimism
  • Feeling Fearful & Unsafe
  • Repetitive Bad Decision-Making

You Can Start Your Healing Journey Today!
Through my Trauma Therapy Services, You Will Process, Overcome & Heal from Trauma.


Your Journey to Healing Starts Now

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, 7.5% of adults endured sexual assault as a child, and 20.9% experienced at least one traumatic event during their lifetime.

Through 1:1 Trauma Therapy & Post Traumatic Coaching I Will Help You:

  • Understand how trauma impacts your life
  • Release your mind & body from traumatic patterns
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with triggers
  • Heal your emotional wounds & build resilience
  • Transform relationship with yourself and others
  • Feel more confident, safe, and stable
  • Create a roadmap for success in all areas of life
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Find your purpose and meaning in life
  • Start living your life to the fullest again
  • Achieve your goals and dreams
  • And much more!

Why Victim 2 Victor?

Anu Verma

As a Victor of trauma, Certified Complex Trauma Recovery Coach, Trauma Therapist, Author and Founder of Victim2Victor, I know what it's like to feel lost and helpless after experiencing a traumatic event. And I also know that it's possible to find healing, closure and to live a fulfilling life. I am passionate about liberating people to live their best lives

I hold a MSc Degree in Physiology & Health and I'm an Emotional Freedom Therapist (EFT), Hypnotherapy Practitioner & Reiki Master, who has helped individuals to heal from past trauma, build resilience, and achieve their life goals.

I am committed to use my unique combination of skills and experience to empower you to go from victim to victor. Compassion and honesty are at the heart of my life and my practice.

You Too Can Go from Victim to Victor

In 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1: Schedule A Free 30-minute Consultation Call

Let’s get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit to work together.

Step 2: Choose A Program

Together we will find the right program to suit your individual needs.

Step 3: Start Your Journey to Healing

Heal your emotional wounds, build resilience, and achieve your life goals.

What Clients Say

We had an amazingly heart to heart talk about life when riddled with trauma.

Super easy to talk to. 

She's so very understanding 💜



Failure to come to terms with horrors of the past has been drowning and wearing me off physically and mentally such that my story I wrote could have been published many years ago.
I was scared, but with counselling and coaching including trauma therapy with Anu Verma I am now indeed a Victor, against all odds.
What l considered a 'River of Tears' has transformed to 'A tree of Hope." Thank you Victim to Victor.
Thank you Anu Verma.



Anu Verma is one of the sincere honest beings who walks her talk. Anu graciously continues to learn not only to improve her well-being but the health of others. 
With her victim to victor podcast and her book, she strives for the practical way to health both emotional and physical that brings success.
Anu is someone you want to follow because she is a Change Maker who reveals her heart and soul with cutting-edge information.
I am fortunate to know her and ask God to bless her as she continues her journey of health. 

Lois Hollis

Shame-Guilt Expert

Anu is simply an amazing person with a heart of gold!

Highly recommend listening to her podcast and connecting with her.

 Thank you for everything, Anu!



I worked with Anu to reflect and work through the trauma I was experiencing following a 10 year abusive relationship.  I starting meeting with Anu in 2021, about a year after I left the relationship.  

Anu was able to support me with issues in relation to anxiety and PTSD I was experiencing as the anniversary of the end of the relationship approached. I found that I was triggered by dates and was reliving the trauma I had previously experienced.  

Anu’s approach was a mixture of talking therapy and practical exercises to help me process and accept the trauma I had been through, practicing self-forgiveness, affirmations and positive self-talk and assessing and analysing ‘stuck points’.  

I still use the techniques I was taught to help me through moments and periods of anxiety in my life.  As a result of the work I undertook with Anu, my resilience has increased, I am more confident, more present and more accepting of the trauma I suffered.  

I can see the many positives I have taken from the negative experiences and how far I have come since both the trauma and the therapy and I am stronger now than I have ever been and far kinder to myself.


Domestic Violence Survivor

Anu has an incredible ability to hold the conversation in a way that allows it to flourish and enter areas that can be difficult but end up being informative.

Her podcast is a great listen!


Anu Verma is an incredibly heart centered, motivated, kind and beautiful woman whose mission is to create impact to for those who have survived trauma and abuse. 
She is by far the most beautiful and caring person I have ever run across in this industry. Her podcast, her book and her services do not disappoint.
I will follow Anu Verma and Victim2Victor podcast for the rest of my life.
I highly recommend her!

AMiee boswinkle

business coach

Anu has been fantastic, she went through the journey with me, I was able to process and understand that none of the horrific events were my fault. there were days I just cried, I was never judged or rushed. Anu went with the flow, we looked at panic attacks, personal life, food, confidence, anger, re-living trauma and how it has impacted my life.
I am grateful that i have been able to look at my whole life and the incidents that have had a major impact on my life and how I can now talk to myself if I ever get anxious, I just remind myself that it will pass. I feel I have more control in my life than what I had before I started working with Anu.



I reached out to Anu during a really difficult time in my life, where I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel due to long waiting lists with the NHS. I was so nervous about starting this journey and constantly told myself that it wouldn't help and would just make everything worst. But boy, was I wrong.
Anu was so flexible with her sessions and made sure I was comfortable throughout. She explained the programme really clearly so I knew exactly what we would be doing for each session.
Prior to receiving treatment, one of the frustrations that I encountered on a daily basis was not knowing or understanding why I felt the way that I did. However, throughout my sessions, I learnt a lot about my past and how certain events acted as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to create negative feelings and mental health problems - things that I would never have even considered to contribute to the way I was feeling. After each session, I felt like I was finally piecing everything together and I felt more empowered as the sessions progressed.
I honestly cannot thank Anu for her help and guidance and would reccomend using her services if you want to overcome mental health problems. I feel like a completely new woman who has the world at her fingertips and can achieve anything she puts her mind to.
Healing is possible and your trauma does not define you. You are a survivor, not a victim!




I don’t know if I have trauma

You will likely have some trauma symptoms if you have experienced a traumatic event. However, everyone experiences trauma differently, and not everyone will have all of the symptoms. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation call, where we can assess whether or not you have trauma and how I can help you.

I cannot afford this

I understand that therapy can be expensive. I offer a sliding scale fee for those who cannot afford my full fee. We will discuss all the details on our first call at no cost to you.

I don’t have time for this

I understand that you are busy and may not have much time to dedicate to therapy. I offer online and phone sessions so that you can fit therapy into your busy schedule.

How do I know this works?

I offer a free consultation call so you can get to know me and see if we are a good fit to work together. I also offer a money-back guarantee so that you can try therapy with no risk.

How do I know that I will benefit from this?  

Every Trauma Victim has a different need, so I tailor my approach to each individual. I offer a free consultation call so you can get to know me and see if we are a good fit to work together. If you have been a trauma victim, I can help you become a victor today! Schedule a call to find out how I can help you heal your trauma.

Therapy is for sick people; I'm functioning normally 

The common misconception is that therapy is only for "sick" or "crazy" people, but this could not be further from the truth. Therapy is for anyone who wants to improve their lives and achieve their goals. If you have been a trauma victim, I can help you become a victor today!

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