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She is a chaos within, yet fiercely resilient on the outside!

She grew through the worst to become the best of herself. She is no less than a hero to herself!

About Anu Verma Memoir | Victim 2 Victor

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Anu Verma is the founder of Victim2Victor.net. Her website, book and podcast aim to empower and inspire survivors, showing them that healing from sexual and domestic abuse is possible. 

She is an MSc & BSc Graduate in Physiology & Health and went on to study further in holistic therapy modalities and became an Emotional Freedom Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Master as she loves doing energy work and is also a qualified Hypnotherapist and believes that transformative healing that can take place during deep hypnosis. 

She gained her Yoga instructors qualification in 2015 due to her passion in the health & mental benefits of practicing yoga. She has trained in Neuro-Linguistics and has gained her Advanced Counselling Diploma which has given her the tools to help through talking therapy. She has also become a Strategic Intervention Life Coach and is currently training for her Postgraduate Diploma as a Traumatologist, as she continues her journey of growth and education.  To work with Anu, please visit her page here.

Her life has been a roller coaster of emotions and turmoil, fear and frustration, stemming back to her dreadful experiences of abuse as a child. It’s her ups and downs, lows and highs that shaped her as a person, first threatening to destroy her, then revealing a path to freedom and happiness that she thought she would never find.In an urge to find peace, she penned down her tale in the form of a beautiful book narrating her life story. Victim 2 Victor leads through beautifully woven patterns of self-exploration. She launched her book in hopes that it will help others find themselves the way in which she did, through travel, self-help and determination to cast off her damaging past.

An ambitious and a free-wandered soul, Anu is on a dedicated mission of using her skills and life experiences to help others improve their lives. She loves volunteering and working with children, who she sees as the future, and wishes to work more in the future with the vulnerable who are suffering or who have suffered from abuse.

Anu strongly believes in scaring away the fear, which she has emphasised in her book Victim 2 Victor in hopes that it will reach out to many, and have some effect on the lives of those who feel helpless.

About Anu Verma Memoir | Victim 2 Victor

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