Being Judgemental

Being Judgemental

Judgement can be seen as one of the biggest obstacles in our path to self-development. Judgmental behaviour can be characterized as speaking, thinking and behaving in a way that reflects a condemnatory and critical point of view. It is critically finding fault and nitpicking with another person, situation, idea or a group of people. In … Read more

The Difference Between Love & Passion

Love and passion are two different, yet extremely powerful emotions. Love can be defined as a strong emotion that we feel for someone who is close to us. Passion has a dual meaning. It can be defined as a strong emotion of excitement and enthusiasm towards a person or field, or as a strong romantic … Read more

The “Me Too” Movement and its Effects on Sexual Abuse Victims

The “Me Too” movement focuses on the victims of sexual violence. The response of individuals towards this movement was large, as sexual assault and sexual harassment impacts individuals every day. According to research, it was found that 4% of men and 30% of women in the medical faculty experience sexual harassment. Other studies have reported … Read more

Patience is a Virtue

The phrase “patience is a virtue” reflects one’s ability to wait for something, or the capacity to bear misfortune, pain and suffering without becoming agitated or upset. It is an admirable quality and a state of moral excellence as it reflects a good aspect of one’s personality. The phrase has a long-standing truth throughout history, … Read more

What Leads to Betrayal and Deceit?

Betrayal is the perception of being harmed by the omissions or intentional actions of any trusted individual. Deception refers to the act of encouraging people to believe in any kind of information that is not true, with the intention of deceiving. Lying is known as a common form of deception. Forms of betrayal include dishonesty, … Read more

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