Building Real Self confidence 

Self-confidence is an attitude that ultimately allows us to have a positive and rational view of ourselves and our abilities. Personal qualities such as assertiveness, enthusiasm, excitement, love, pride, freedom, trust, ability to withstand criticism, and emotional maturity characterize it. One of the main components in the road to personal growth is to improve self-confidence in order to fully live life and unleash your potential. Learning how to boost your confidence will save you, to name a few, from abusive relationships, boring jobs, or even difficulties in getting a job.

Confidence is acquired; it is not inherited. If you lose self-confidence, it probably means you’ve been criticized, humiliated, or experienced an unexplained traumatic loss as a child, for which you either blamed yourself or others blamed you. A lack of confidence is not inherently lasting, but if it is not handled, it may be. Our belief, the influence of the culture that influenced our views, in particular our gender, social status, and our parents, are all factors that affect and contribute to our level of confidence and esteem. We undervalue the power of confidence. It is true that we only feel confident in certain things in which we are successful and feel secure. Nonetheless, the fact is that we can perform better in any activity just by feeling confident, as a high degree of trust increases our results. People who have a high degree of confidence can do any task very well. We should bear in mind that having confidence in all kinds of activities is not normal for us.

Those who lack confidence will very always have a negative view of themselves or their skills. They may also feel like they lose power or direction in their lives; in certain instances, they may feel like the course of their lives is guided or dictated by someone or something else. We might also believe like any accomplishment we achieve goes unrecognized or someone else ‘claims’ them. People who lack self-confidence spend so much time running away from life, and also find it challenging to play an active role in life. This can lead to all kinds of problems, a lack of success, a lack of love, everything points to a lack of self-fulfillment. This appears to make the situation much worse and leads to a further fall in negative emotions and low self-esteem.

On the other hand, if you’re filled with confidence, you’re positive and assured about yourself and in your ability to achieve a particular outcome-irrespective of previous success or if you’ve done it before. That which creates a sense of assurance within you is self-confidence. This sense of certitude is nothing but a feeling you make. It’s pretty straightforward to re-create the feeling when you’ve done it before and therefore feel confident. This isn’t something you have to face up to again. Confident people are those who love to take action; they are action minded.  They are people who know that action and confidence go hand in hand because one produces the other.

How to increase your self-confidence

Self Confidence

Self Awareness

The road to building confidence starts with your self-appreciation. Holding other people in high regard is one thing, and putting them above yourself or allowing their opinions to achieve more significant popularity than yours is another. Self-consciousness will help you to understand, appreciate, and value who you are a lot more and learn to be your best self. Avoid self-criticism and negative thoughts.

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.” 

– Marcus Garvey

What you fear most in life

Fear is another obstacle to absolute confidence. This could be a fear of failure, fear of denial, or even a fear of success. That’s right; maybe you’re afraid of success and all the responsibilities that come from success. It will be a little challenging to start improving your self-confidence before you know what you’re fearful about. Whatever it is you’re afraid of, continue training to overcome it. If you have social anxiety and are so scared to meet people playfully begin meeting people in social settings and force yourself to act despite your anxiety. If you’re scared to speak up during meetings, start pushing yourself and saying a few things at the next meeting you’ve got. Feel the fear as it attempts to stop you but still act.

Self Confidence

Develop confidence in yourself with positive affirmations

Words are especially effective when spoken with intent. Positive affirmations are consciously articulated optimistic statements that represent your deepest desires and go a long way to harnessing new habits of thinking in your mind when repeated regularly.

Self-confidence is vital for both your physical and mental well-being. You are more likely to try new things if you believe in yourself, dedicate your time and energy to activities that matter, make positive lifestyle decisions, and cultivate healthy relationships. When you feel confident, you have the certainty before you to set out and face the obstacles. Self-confidence is the belief that you are capable of achieving your objectives. It’s realizing that even if you fail at this attempt, you’re going to learn from the mistakes, step forward and eventually win.

Possessing self-confidence isn’t going to be an easy task. It will require patience, commitment, and dedication to get the confidence you need to succeed. Yet if you have a deep desire and ability to make sacrifices, you can have undefeatable confidence.

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