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When childhood memories and events continue to haunt you, you may feel the best thing to do is to forget about it and move on – but is there a better way?

Facing the pain hurts, but hiding from it throughout adulthood is worse. Being a victim, it takes a great amount of strength and healing to break the pattern.

This inspiring and brutally honest memoir details the struggle for survival, and the search for healing and happiness.
Raised in abuse and navigating through consequences, a young, broken soul finds the strength to embark on a journey to reclaim her self-worth.

What kind of childhood is possible with sexual assault?
Is there a way to escape from hurt?
How do you shed the victim identity?

This gripping book details the life of a first-generation girl who went through hell. Born in England in 1980 with mixed Asian Indian ancestry, she narrates her story of hardship and resistance.

Dealing with deep traumas from sexual assault endured since the age of three, and the challenges of being a woman, this girl managed not to break.

Her inspiring journey is a life-long struggle to find self-worth on the ruins of self-esteem.

 Brutally honest, shocking and riveting – this personal story is an example of a beautiful transformation from living in pain and the journey to happiness.

The author opens her heart and reveals her darkest secrets into these pages, lighting the way so that another damaged soul will find the way to healing.

We do not get to dictate all of life’s events, but we can decide how to deal with them. Sometimes your life takes a bad turn, then sweeps you off your feet. Other times, you may need a reminder to reevaluate it. Through moments of conflict, uncertainty and strength, this book is highly motivational, educational and healing for all.

Not only written as a memoir, this book also consists of three helpful parts. It functions as a valuable guide as well as a do-it-yourself toolkit with many self-help techniques for sufferers of abuse and trauma.

Download this ebook now and take the first step towards healing, resilience and a new outlook on life.

100 reviews for Victim 2 Victor ( PDF )

  1. Megan Bolland

    Victim 2 Victor by Anu Verma is a fantastic and inspirational book. I was truly touched by the book and the bravery of the amazing writer!
    The first part of the book is about sexual abuse that started in Anu’s childhood and carried on for many years. It is hard to read and extremely distributing that such an innocent young girl was subjected to this. However, I applaud Anu for her bravery in sharing her story and how she healed from this awful time in her life.
    Furthermore, I found it interesting to read about the culture that Anu was brought up around. I found it interesting that Anu lived in both cultures – Eastern and Western, and how she saw the difference between them on a daily basis. I am not very familiar with Indian cultural norms, and I found this educational about the dark side of the culture.
    As Anu grows up she comes to terms with her past, sexuality, desires, and trauma but she is subjected to a different set of issues whilst this is occurring like drugs, partying, and racism.
    It is very clear that Anu has dealt with so much trauma in her life that almost every reader will be able to relate to in some way, shape, or form. So, this is an important book to read, especially as Anu is healing. It is very inspirational and amazing to see that despite all odds against her Anu has been very successful! This is a great reminder to readers that no matter what happens in your past, you can battle through and finally live the wonderful life you deserve.
    The second part of the book is about Anu got through her trauma as well as a very detailed explanation about sexual abuse, trauma, and how to recover from the trauma. This was very educational and I found that it covered all the questions I had. I enjoyed reading about how yoga can help with trauma too.
    Some of the healing methods that Anu mentions and delves into include: psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, systematic desensitization, and many more. This part of the book is very insightful.
    Overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone out there who needs an inspirational story. But beware – this is not a lighthearted read, it will pull on your heartstrings and your emotions. Be prepared to go on an emotional rollercoaster! Typically I do not read within this genre but this book has encouraged me too! Even if this is not your usual genre, I suggest you read it.
    I rate this book 5* as this is an amazing story!

  2. Casey Colahan

    This book is a challenging, yet essential account of how the author conquered wounds caused by childhood sexual abuse, and became the hero of her own life that she is today. She has divided it into two sections. In the first section she describes her agonising, and ongoing abuse at the hands of a family friend and a relative, which started when she was just three years old. She was then assaulted again by a college student when she was sixteen. She recounts how growing up in a culture where women are viewed in a different way; feelings are not spoken about, and being raised in the United Kingdom in the eighties led her to a life of alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, and even suicide attempts. The second section she dedicates to explaining the methods she herself used in transforming her thought processes to help overcome her trauma, and other ones that could be useful in helping people who have been through a similar thing.
    Her book is a raw, potent, and enlightening reminder that no matter what our pasts have presented us with, we can and will be victorious. She is uncompromising in the retelling of her story. It is courageous and truly admirable. Even though I have not experienced trauma in that way, reading about her travels and how they played a vital role in helping her, created a deep connection for me as I have been to all of the places she went to as well. It was said in her book: “if my expectations were turned into appreciation, the world would change immediately.” This is something I feel we should all try and embrace.
    Overall, I would highly recommend this book. The author’s style of prose is frank, uplifting, and valuable in helping others all at the same time. What an extraordinary journey of healing this book is!

  3. Shama Khan

    An amazing book that can make a women strong.Inspirtaional book that lead me towards my successful journey in my life .Being a woman and victum it is not to lose strenght but to be powerful is the essence of life.
    thanks Anu verma for such a motivational book

  4. Simon

    I think this type of books will be at every women’s shelve because woman is the most strong character of this universe and she should be as strong as she is.
    I like it very much.

  5. Maya

    The amazing story Victim 2 Victor written by Anu Verma is one of the most outstanding books I’ve ever laid my eyes on.
    It’s topic is based on the backbone of the society, that is woman. It highlights the basic issues faced by women globally.
    One of the greatest decision was to buy this book. I would highly recommend this book to everyone, and I assure you that you won’t regret this choice.
    Giving this a 10 on 10.
    Great job, keep it up.💯💯

  6. Abdel

    Anu Verma is one of the best writers out there in the market. I never regretted spending my bucks on buying her book Victim 2 Victor.
    Amazing story structure with immersive characters and great topic.

  7. Usama Arshad

    I have read couple of stories but this autobiography touches my soul. This is just a masterpiece that creater its magic on its reader. The story is amazing with a lot of lessons which really need to address to make this world a better place to live at. I highly recommend to read that book as it will help you to boast up your confidence to fight against injustice.

  8. Shelley Mann

    A powerful story of personal growth and healing sure to help anyone who is working to recover from a traumatic past. The author finds peace and healing while traveling the world in this engaging and memorable memoir.

  9. Namrata

    Victim to Victor is a must read book for all. The book have reinstated my faith in the fact that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Its a book on hope, self worth and happiness. It will teach you how to live life when nothing is in your favor, basically it will teach you how to LIVE life. If you are feeling sad or you think ‘its not worth it’, go read this book and I am sure you will NOT feel that anymore.

  10. Frederik

    So many problems the author faced and she seems to have come out fantastic on the other end. It’s the most inspiring story I have ever read.
    Talking, writing, and speaking about issues help us to get over them though the societies we exist in do not practice this

  11. Arnoux Josephine

    This book is quite a heavy read, but a very important one for anyone who has dealt with/is dealing with trauma. It’s built a little bit like a how-to guide, which I really enjoyed. The first part is dedicated to the author’s own experience with trauma (particularly sexual and relationship trauma) which I personally found very compelling and intriguing, especially in the way she is able to reflect on her own experiences and show patterns of abuse, dating back from her childhood. This being said, what I also found interesting is that beyond the very serious incidents that the author has survived, she also tells the story of more insidious experiences that unfortunately many other women will identify with, from being trapped in abusive relationships plagued with alcohol to receiving unsolicited intimate pictures from men she barely knows. What I found particularly interesting in this book are not so much the individual assaults that the author recounts but the sheer accumulation of them and the picture they paint of the reality of a woman’s experience in today’s world, which is unfortunately desperately relevant in the #metoo era.
    The second part of the book is a more general guide dedicated to healing methods, psychotherapy, mindfulness, ect. I felt like this part was quite insightful as well, and built in a way that you could quickly review the chapters and pick and choose the areas/methods of healing that you were most interested in/wanted to find out more about. Personally, I was particularly interested in what the author had to say about exploration and travel and how relating to other cultures helped her through her traumas. As someone who has find myself soothed by traveling as well, I found a lot of my own experiences to be similar to hers.
    Overall, a very good read for anyone who wishes to learn more about trauma and healing.

  12. Anthony

    Purchased the Kindle Version of book, and WOW what can i say. RAW story from Anu. Very brave for opening up to the world if you ask me. A must read. Very touching, hard at times

  13. Jessica Jhanji

    This book allowed me to empathise with Anu because of how she allowed her readers to go through her self- development and bittersweet journey! Anu is very brave for writing about her journey of abuse and trauma to the public as it is not an easy thing to do! This book had a great balance of Anu’s personal journey and informative tips for healing such as yoga and meditation! One of my favourite parts to read of the book were when Anu regained her self confidence and happiness through travelling and it was nice to see how much and where she has traveled and as I would love to travel the world one day like her also! 🙂 I would very much recommend this book, especially for women who have also gone through abuse and trauma!

  14. S.K

    Wow, I’ve been reading this book all day and you really do not realize what a person goes through until they share their story and this author has shared her story perfectly. It is very well written and makes sense to why she had to be so strong. It is a wonderful read with strategies for self-healing which resonates with me into self help and growth. This book will help so many people to remove their limiting beliefs for those who haven’t got the tools to move on with their lives. A touching story, Highly recommend this read.

  15. Amanda Arndt

    I didn’t put this book down until I finished it. I cried. The book is amazing. It touches your soul in ways I can’t explain. To me, someone who puts such a personal journey in written form is a brave soul. Thank you for sharing this with me and to the world. Your passion will be a light in the darkest night for others.

  16. Joy

    I really ask thank for this book. . It combines practicality with truth. It was also a big relief to me to find out there were other people like me. Now that I know what I can offer the world I can start building on my strengths and, understand vI was not made to be like everyone else.

  17. Alex D

    Feeling worthless or isolated? Feel like it’s time to take yourself? Read this along, and perhaps, whatever you are going through, will look like nothing, to what this girl has been through her whole life.
    Victim 2 victor by Anu Verma was such an emotional and deep read which made me feel so sad at the beginning as I wanted things to work better for young Anu, but later it all turned to an energetic and inspiring tell-all, as she evolved to a smart and independent lady and loving mother to a son. The book unfolds into two main parts, wherein the first half, the author explains all that she has been through, being a victim of sexual abuse at her very young ages. The saddest part was that she had become a victim of it again and again, up to the point she lost her own identity, self-esteem, and independence. Throughout the chapters, the author shares all the twists and turns that she had, the feelings of depression and anxiety, and how she got help, therapy, and her journey in overcoming all these negative feelings and emotions. During the second half, the author elaborates on all the tips and techniques that she used while overcoming her negative setbacks, which I felt could be really useful for anyone who is out there, looking for help to overcome similar situations.
    The overall flow of the incidents and the content was well-aligned, and the author had used a simple yet inspiring writing style to let herself out. I can imagine how strong one should be, to come out like this, and to let the world know what they have been through and to make others inspired to be strong. It was such a great read and highly recommended.

  18. Rodela

    What we see on the surface of a person isn’t what is happening internally, the battles people are fighting internally, negative thoughts, isolation, feeling lonely, self-harm, what contributes to this and lack of support. We go through so much. It is an inspiration for those who don’t have the tools to move on from traumas or problems and to those who may be going through pain right now

  19. John D

    This book is not just a memoir but a relatable story of a woman who has managed to overcome the demons of her past. It is valuable guide book and tool which we could all learn from. It describes the authors journey and educates us on trauma and abuse and the techniques to overcome this. It is a valuable book to have for anybody who has suffered from abuse and may be suffering from trauma.

  20. Malouindha

    An honest book that guides you while being packed with honesty and reflection.It started off really sad that I was in tears, no child should have to go through what the author went through at the age of 3.The book got more powerful as I read it and shows that knowledge is power.
    The advise and techniques she gives has opened up my mind to what is available out there.This book will be of service to everybody in the world and I wish the author all the success.

  21. Bellevue

    An honest book that guides you while being packed with honesty and reflection.It started off really sad that I was in tears, no child should have to go through what the author went through at the age of 3.The book got more powerful as I read it and shows that knowledge is power.
    The advise and techniques she gives has opened up my mind to what is available out there.This book will be of service to everybody in the world and I wish the author all the success.

  22. Katelyn Richardson

    Amazing book and a superbly talented author. “Victim 2 Victor” will positively impact and benefit thousands of people after they read it.
    The author describes her journey as a victim so beautifully, I could not put the book down, so many highs and lows. She transforms her life through her personal growth which is a important message for us all. We must not remain victims but fight to achieve victory.
    This is a must read so go and get this book!!

  23. Elisha Choudhry

    Anu, I received this book from amazon and I couldn’t put it down….we were both born In 1980 a day apart- both cancerians, but so different, I always thought of you as an independent, strong minded women. Who achieved anything she put her mind too. From a person that didn’t know your story it’s hard to see how vulnerable you were growing up. Now I know why you always wanted to travel to escape your demons. It saddened me that in the book I had sometimes been out on some of your destructive nights out. I never knew why you were always so crazy and wild, until now. I’m sorry you didn’t get the love and support you needed at the time. But I’m happy you have been able to see after a long journey, how truly amazing you are and I know how hard you have worked to build a wonderful life for you and Noah. Big hugs for being so brave and telling the world your story. Love you lots always Elisha xx

  24. Paul D Starr

    Amazing book and a superbly talented author. “Victim 2 Victor” will positively impact and benefit thousands of people after they read it.