Speaker Services

If you are planning to host educational sessions and require an orator, I would love to offer my certified services.
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Speaker Services

Speaking sessions have always been a source of motivation for people, be it for motivational speeches or informative ones. Speech sessions have had various impacts on people, including raising awareness, educating people, and empowering them to believe in themselves.

In addition to this, these sessions also help in critical thinking, fostering the intellect and exploring new facets of life. Many people have taken the best decisions in their careers influenced by speaking sessions.

Child Abuse

One of the most common problems children deal with during their childhood period is child abuse and especially so in this day and age. This results when children are unable to differentiate good touch from a bad one. Through my speaking sessions, I would educate children about the kind of touches; the right and the wrong ones, about how they should react and tackling the overall scheme of events. This will enable the children to be more vigilant and proactive while interacting with new people.

Women Empowerment

The world is already witnessing women empowerment, where they are flourishing in all fields of life. However, still, at some stage, people tend to overlook women's perspectives. Through my speaking sessions, I would address ways to present their perspective effortlessly in every field of life, whether in a workplace, household, or during ordinary interactions with people. It will also be an amazing opportunity for women feeling deprived and give them a ray of hope in grim situations.

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