Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation can bring us in touch with our anxiety and stress. This is the reason why it is a very useful practice. It can be a quick stress fixer in order to relieve the stress on your body and relax. It can also help in building resilience towards stress.

Mindfulness and meditation can soothe your soul. It can melt away your emotional as well as physical stress and leave you feeling refreshed and all set to face the daily challenges with a glowing personality and positive attitude.

What is involved in Meditation?

Meditation is performed with a clear mind and in a relaxed position. You can also focus on your breathing or any sound while meditating. It is important that a single meditation session should have at least five to twenty distraction-free minutes, although meditation sessions can be longer as well. It is vital that there should be silence in the surroundings while meditating.

Meditation Process

After acquiring a relaxed and comfortable position, you can begin with meditation. You should take in all that is happening around you in the present moment, which would take away all your fear, rage, and life reservations.

With mindfulness meditation, you can learn about the environment and be more conscious of your life. Meditation lets you respond to the things that you have become aware of with a healthy attitude.

Here are some steps you can follow when practicing active meditation:

  1. Do unsystematic breathing. This is performed with the faith that breathing invites repression so it can also take it away.
  2. Act angrily. This is performed to free oneself from the negative emotions that have piled up. While doing this step, you do not have to be serious. You only have to act angrily and play around with your body. You can jump, start dancing or jogging, or do whatever you want! Try to scream, laugh or wail during this step.
  3. Release “Hoo!” You have to constantly say or yell “Hoo!” By doing this step, you are enhancing your sex energy.
  4. Stop. When the leader says to stop, immediately finish everything and stay still in whatever posture you have made.
  5. Commemorate.

There are various forms of meditation that can bring about amazing benefits, but the most important aspect of meditation is to feel relaxed and good about yourself. If you want to do meditation only when you require it, and not as a daily exercise, then it is a good idea to practice it when you are not feeling stressed, rather than trying it out for the first time in a stressful situation.

If you have no idea where to start, simply focus on your breathing for more than five minutes. Remember, the best meditation techniques are those that can resonate with you.

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