There is a great belief that happiness can be pursued. Day in and day out, people seek happiness. They are misled into believing they can find happiness through the buying of the latest car, the biggest house, the most stylish clothes. . . and on & on. It is never-ending, nor ever genuinely satisfying or lasting. Mostly we look for happiness in the outside world. We attach too much importance to the outside world. For an average person, things like a posh house, a well-paying job, a successful business, money, car, etc. are the source of their happiness. What we do not know is that happiness lies inside of us. In our own mind lies the secret to being happy. We often say, “If I had this or that.” “If only this and that loved me.” First Then, I’d be happy. Yet when they get whatever or whomever they think they’re going to make them happy, the happiness doesn’t last. The happiness loop ‘pursuit’ then begins again and never finishes.

According to Abraham Lincoln “Most people are just as happy as they make up their minds to be,” Happiness is a decision, not luck. This comes with neither material wealth nor a “safe” life. It comes with neither the perfect spouse nor the ideal job. True happiness lies within. You will find happiness from inside, through knowledge and comprehension of your own beliefs and thoughts. A lot of books have been written about how to find happiness, and they all point in the same principle. You have to avoid what you have been doing to find happiness and learn to think differently. This is the secret of happiness; you have to stop looking outside the world or outside yourself because you are giving away your control in doing so.

The Mystery Behind True Happiness

Positive thinking – A Key to True Happiness

If given the choice to think positively versus negatively, it seems evident that positive thinking is the better choice. The truth is many people don’t realize how important positive thinking affirmations are because we are too caught up in negativity. And negativity, after all, is toxic to our body, mind, spirit, and relationships. Positive affirmations can help you to lead a happier, more fulfilling life starting right now. Why wait? When you can start living the life that you deserve, right now? All that is needed is to change your way of thinking – substituting negative thought with a positive thought is a great technique which leads to happiness, love, and fulfilment. While on the other hand, negative thoughts will only result in frustration, anxiety, anger, and depression.

Humanly speaking, It is not easy to change the way your mind thinks, but through repeated use of positive affirmations, you can make it a lifetime habit. The process may require a lot of effort, but once you do change the way you think, you will be amazed at how much of a positive impact it will have on you and the happiness you will find in your life. Take these 3 simple steps to keep up a positive attitude:

Say something positive whenever negative thoughts come to your mind- Imagine how SOLVED the problem is. Put the imagination to use …tell yourself “ I can. I can.” For instance … When you’re worried, your idea or presentation will fail. Consider and imagine the marketing presentation for the deal that you want to close. Imagine making $600 a day … your mind is just going to think of solutions to solve this. Challenge the negative thoughts when they return, and substitute them with solutions and positive thoughts.

The Mystery Behind True Happiness

Don’t be like the negative thinkers, laugh often – Negative thinkers tend to be very troubled, and given the heavy burden they often bear, they lack of positivity in their lives. Let yourself laugh, and often. Look for scenarios where you laugh, such as hanging out with funny friends or going to places that will put a smile on your face. Learn to see the sense of humor in life, even in times of pain. Laughter decreases tension, prevents you from taking it all too seriously, and gives you a more positive outlook.

The Mystery Behind True Happiness

Use positive affirmations always- Our own inner dialog decides our emotions, which means we have to be conscious and careful about what we say to ourselves. Speak to yourself every day about positive affirmations, as they will help re-program your mind to the positive mode and regulate your inner dialogue. Examples of a positive statement you can say to yourself are: I can do it. I’m not afraid. I love my life. I am optimistic, etc.

True happiness is a mindset, a state of mind. It does not come from acquiring something. It comes from having a positive mindset, for if you have a positive mindset, you will see what good things you have. But if you have a negative mindset, you will be blind to the good things in your life. You will try to possess other things that have no significant value to your life, and in the process, waste your time, energy, and resources and your entire life chasing the wind, and all the while, you will think you were chasing happiness. This is so because happiness is like a key that only suits the door where all positivity is complete. Positivity can help you feel confident and composed. Positive thoughts find their roots in truthful and soothed minds.

To sum up, in reality, it’s like a habit. So, begin to feel it in your mind, and accept each situation positively. In the end, this would make you a happy person.

Happiness is within each and every one of us, and we are responsible for bringing it out and sharing it. If you don’t feel happy about the situation around you, simply create one because happiness is not an external element but something to do with the inside of you. Knowing this fact will make you happy every moment of your life.

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