The phrase “patience is a virtue” reflects one’s ability to wait for something, or the capacity to bear misfortune, pain and suffering without becoming agitated or upset. It is an admirable quality and a state of moral excellence as it reflects a good aspect of one’s personality.

The phrase has a long-standing truth throughout history, as it is something everyone struggles with. Patience is a skill that can be learned over time, and mastering this virtue is important for a happier life.

It has long been touted, as a universal truth that “patience is a virtue”. Through every generation, the battle against impatience has been constant. In the end, we are well-positioned to live a more virtuous and happier life if patience is victorious, as it is a highly regarded state of moral excellence.

Patience helps us to accept the things that do not always go our way, to savour life’s pleasures while they are available to us, and to bear the strains and stressors of life.

Here are some ideas that may help you develop patience, if you find patience difficult.

Practice acceptance

Build an attitude that includes the acceptance and inevitability of delays. Delays are bound to occur, and are a normal part of life. Having an accepting attitude towards patience will assist you to stay calmer and maintain realistic expectations.

Take control

Take control of your time, and think of all the things you can do to make use of the waiting period. You can view it as time to be productive, or use it to enjoy a few moments away from your other commitments, instead of spending time grinding your teeth with frustration.


Take a deep breath directly from your diaphragm (instead of from your chest) and exhale slowly. Repeating this cycle slowly signals your body to relax and slow down during moments of chaos or stress.

Practice mindfulness and be present

If you find yourself struggling to stay concentrated on a task, take a few moments to be mindful of what you are doing right now. Free mindfulness and meditation apps are available that can help you to make space in a busy day.

Have an outlet

This could be a physical support group or any other activity that allows you to express your yourself or vent. This can include visiting a counsellor, talking to friends, or being part of an online community/forum where you can share things with others.

Patience is a strength that will benefit you in all areas of your life. The phrase “patience is a virtue” serves as a reminder to practice patience when things get uncomfortable in life. In short, having patience exhibits a high moral standard. When times get tough, patience is an exercise of self-control that can help bring you back to the present moment.

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